Conference Tracks Overview


Target Audiience100 – Introduction Level: The introductory track is designed for SharePoint newcomers and beginners. The goal of these sessions is to support people in exploring how SharePoint can help them solve business challenges and issue. Typical sessions will include informational presentations on topics such as "What's New", Basic Tutorials in key concepts, and a high-level features comparison between the SharePoint 2007 and the SharePoint 2010.

200 – Intermediate Level: The intermediate track is designed for those who have some experience with SharePoint but are looking to gain a greater understanding. For example, participants at this level may have implemented one or more SharePoint site templates but now have questions about integrating SharePoint with their business processes or extending its usage within their organization. A selection of topics and workshops will be offered to provide a deeper delve into SharePoint yet will remain at a level to ensure that only a minimal amount of experience is required to comfortably participate and follow along. Sample topics might include taxonomy/classification building through site columns, list templates, or content types, mapping of the document life-cycle to SharePoint features, or refining a team-site for specific business needs.

300 – Advanced Level: The advanced track is targeted at those with an extensive experience of administrating, configuring and/or developing for SharePoint. Participants might have a fairly robust implementation but are seeking consultation on tricky integration points (i.e. integrating bar-coding or connecting a Balanced Business Scorecard to specific operational metrics). Sessions would focus on a 'deep dive' in products, components, or solution architectures through presentations or interactive workshops, with the assumption that the audience is experienced enough to keep up and/or complement what is presented with their own research. Topics covered would range from the technical, operational, management or development communities.