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Rules of the Contest

  • Members from each team will be debriefed on Sunday, January 30, on the specific rules of engagement and receive the business challenge from the Chairman of the Board
  • Actual creation of the SharePoint solution cannot commence until Monday, January 31
  • Teams may turn to Dan Holme for coaching and guidance, and also fully utilize the software solutions and tools provided by their sponsors
  • Teams cannot work together and provide input on each other’s solution, nor can they ask onsite attendees for guidance
  • All teams will have until 1:30pm local time on Wednesday, February 2, to work on their solutions. They will then defend their solutions in front of the judging panel, which will render a final decision.
SharePoint Summit Partners

You’ve heard of Iron Chef? Get ready for Iron SharePoint!

In this clever take-off of the hit television series, two teams of content management experts will compete for the honour of being named Iron SharePoint. Competing in SharePoint stadium at the SharePoint Summit 2011 conference, both teams will have two days to develop a SharePoint solution with only their experience and ingenuity to guide them to victory. Along the way, there will be obstacles and challenges to test even the most inventive individuals.

Have you ever created custom SharePoint solutions so innovative that they are the talk of your fellow developers? Architect bulletproof site hierarchies? Keep a sketch pad by your bed so you can quickly scrawl down mind-blowing new site architectures you dream up?

 If you answered “yes”, IRON SharePoint is for you.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Sign up your team and test your skills. All that remains is to wait and see who will be named Iron SharePoint!

SharePoint CHIEF

IRON SharePoint Producers

Four teams – consisting of an executive chef, lead architect, lead developer, designer, and business analyst – will have a mission to build the best, most innovative solution in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 based upon the secret business challenge unveiled by the Board of Directors, led by Chairman Dan Holme, at the SharePoint Summit 2011 conference.

Each team will have three days to build the SharePoint solution of their lives. On the final day of the conference, the winning team will be selected by the Board of Directors as well as onsite attendees. Besides IRON SharePoint immortality and being the envy of your peers.

Dan Holme Tony Lanni
David Seaman
Dan Holme
Tony Lanni
Chief Evangelist
David Seaman
COO/VP SharePoint Technologies

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