Who Should Attend?

I also wanted to say that this was by far the best organized event that I have ever attended. Your team did a fantastic job!

The SharePoint Summit has prided itself on providing an optimal educational environment to help business managers, information architects, power users, developers, project managers and executives to understand how to build, deploy and use a SharePoint solution within their organization.

The Summit provides a world-class venue that brings together business professionals from across the business spectrum, multiple industries and verticals, and provides them with an end-to-end learning experience, focused on building and implementing real-world SharePoint business solutions.

SharePoint appeals to a wide range of expertise; such as senior management, business analysis, development, information architecture, infrastructure, compliance management, organizational productivity management, and more. Implementing solutions that support teamwork, and that can scale across departments of small, medium or large organizations requires planning, experience, and best practices in the fields of:

  • Knowledge Management
  • Enterprise portal
  • Enterprise content management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Workflow
  • Search and findability
  • Web content management
  • Electronic forms and business process management
  • Digital Asset Management
SharePoint Summit Partners

Based on past experience here is an overview of some of the types of attendees you can expect to attend the SharePoint Summit 2011:

  • Vice-president, Information Technology
  • Vice-president responsible for operational effectiveness
  • Manager of Sharepoint development and deployment
  • .Net and SharePoint developer
  • Intranet and Extranet manager
  • Solutions development manager
  • Competency manager
  • Business communications manager
  • Knowledge manager
  • Executive responsible for competitive advantage
  • Project manager
  • Business intelligence manager
  • Corporate governance manager
  • President and chief executive officer
  • Corporate archives and document manager
  • Business information architect
  • Internet services director
  • Microsoft strategies manager
  • Business architect
  • Business Analyst
  • Functional or information architect
  • Technology advisor
  • Computer or business process analyst
  • Information systems coordinator
  • Electronic document specialist
  • Archivist
SharePoint Summit Partners

Furthermore wide arrays of suppliers from around the world have enhanced SharePoint. Examples of extended functionality include:

  • Mobility
  • Imaging
  • Multilingual solution
  • Pre-package business solutions: Intranet, Extranet, Customer Relationship Management, Project Management, etc…
  • Integrated extranet
  • Solution for SharePoint access in offline mode

SharePoint makes it possible to support a plethora of business applications. Compliance, organizational performance, productivity improvement and process management are only a few examples of needs that will incite individuals to attend the SharePoint Summit.

Attendees will realize a better understanding of how to deploy the platform for their particular situation, as well as learn about techniques and best practices for conceptualizing innovative solutions.