Why Attend?

Just a quick note to say thanks for everything! It was a terrific conference, everyone did a great job all around.
                        - Eli Robillard

SharePoint is an incredibly versatile platform to build business solutions. In fact, building solutions for collaboration, Intranet, Extranet, compound document management, compliance and process management, to name but a few, requires a variety of expertise and knowledge. Technology is only a small part of conceptualizing a solution infrastructure.

The SharePoint Summit will give you a 360 degree view of the best practices to plan your SharePoint project, discover various methodologies to build the solutions, understand the product community and how you ensure user adoption.

Organizations that want to rapidly put in place solutions and acquire expertise should attend this conference.

SharePoint Summit Partners

SharePoint Summit 2011 will provide you with a better understanding of the following:

  • SharePoint’s potential and limitations.
  • Putting together an information architecture that meets both organizational needs and the need for collaboration.
  • Why SharePoint is the platform of choice for your organization?
  • How to build an Extranet.
  • Best approaches and techniques for managing the information life cycle.
  • Developing a “Windows SharePoint Package” (WSP).
  • The best development tools.
  • Understanding key SharePoint modules: research, collaboration, electronic document management, business intelligence, business process, Web content management and records management.
  • Which Microsoft partner components can enhance SharePoint.
  • Learn from clients who implemented SharePoint solutions and avoid the pitfalls
SharePoint Summit Partners

The purpose of the SharePoint Summit is to offer a learning and knowledge sharing opportunity for managers, directors, analysts, power users and developers so they can better understand various key aspects of the SharePoint platform.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is a component of Microsoft’s strategy which consists in providing a group of tools and platforms for information ubiquity, dynamic collaboration, and improved business processes.

The SharePoint Summit will make it possible for you to better understand the synergy between the following software and applications:

  • Windows SharePoint Server 3.0 (WSS 3.0)
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS)
  • Microsoft Office 2007 and Office 2010
  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 (WSS 4.0)
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
  • SharePoint Workspace 2010
  • Office Business Application (OBA)
  • Office Communicator Server 2007 and 2010

SharePoint Summit 2011 is a unique opportunity to establish strategies for your organization, to learn from world-renowned professionals in the field and to substantially improve your understanding of the SharePoint platform.

At the SharePoint Summit 2011 you will discover the following aspects of SharePoint:

  • SharePoint modules and detailed components: collaboration, business content management, business intelligence, electronic forms and research
  • How to put together solutions on SharePoint
  • The best development practices
  • How to support compliance and various regulations
  • Detailed understanding of development
  • Information life cycle management capacity
  • Integrating SharePoint with legacy applications such as: Documentum, Hummingbird and LiveLink
  • Process management and automation using SharePoint Workflow, Workflow Foundation or related supplier solutions
  • Business continuity: backup, real time recovery
  • Understanding best practices for implementing and conceptualizing knowledge management
  • How to bridge data centered applications
  • Putting together an enterprise portal
  • Best collaboration practices for SharePoint
  • Workflow and processes management
  • Electronic document management
  • Electronic forms
  • Archive and document management
  • Digital asset management
  • SharePoint integrated imaging
  • Web content management
  • Database integration
  • Accessing and working with SharePoint in offline mode
  • Complementary WebParts
  • Ready made business solutions: CRM, contract management, Intranet, etc.
  • Multilingualism with SharePoint
  • And much more...